Oakley has been working on Augmented Reality Glasses

We heard about Google’s “Google Glasses” about a week ago that make use of augmented reality technology to stream information to the wearer in real time, allowing them to perform tasks that we usually see on smartphones—this includes taking pictures, checking the weather, getting directions, and scheduling meetings. Meanwhile, eyewear manufacturer and sunglasses king, Oakley, had already been silently planning smart glasses of their own for the longest time.

According to the company, they’ve had a 15-year head start on Google as they’d been working on it since 1997. In fact, some reports say that Oakley seems to be further along than Google in making these glasses a reality, and the company’s efforts will target athletes first. Oakley is making use of its “heads-up” technology, which puts smartphone features into glasses, allowing the glasses to function by themselves and work with smartphones while being controlled through voice commands. The company also acknowledges that while functionality is of course a part of it, aesthetics might play a more important role in getting more people to actually wear them.



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