Philips unveil new monitors with Ambiglow and LightFrame technology


We’re fresh from today’s Philip’s launch of their new monitors today. While monitors don’t really hold the same amount of excitement compared to other, flashier IT products, two of their newest releases really caught our eye, in a sense. One is their newest 3D monitor, the Gioco with the company’s latest Ambiglow technology, and the other is their LightFrame 2 with the appropriately named LightFrame technology.

The Gioco uses a 27-inch AH-IPS LED display that’s paired with polarized lens technology. What this means for 3D junkies is that you don’t need to use those clunky, dorky looking active 3D glasses to enjoy your 3D content, as the Gioco uses lighter, sleeker polarized glasses that allows you to watch 3D content without feeling (and looking) like a huge dork. The Gioco also has Philip’s Ambiglow technology built-in, which means that the display emits a soft backlight at the rear of the display, which the company says helps in visually enlarging a screen and gives you a truly immersive 3D experience. The Gioco will retail for Php 24890.

The LifeFrame 2 meanwhile emits a specific wavelength blue light which the company says reduces eye fatigue while working and improves concentration. The display uses a 23.5-inch LED display, and has a nice aluminum die-cast base to help in stability and build quality. Unfortunately, we don’t have actual pictures of the LifeFrame 2 as Philips tells us that the models are still stuck in customs (boo), but they’ve confirmed that the monitor pictured above looks exactly the same as the LightFrame 2 sans the LightFrame. It will retail for 14,799.