Phottix Mitros+, the all-in-one flash and trigger

phottix mitros+

The Phottix Mitros+ is the all new hot shoe flash from Phottix. Mitros+ is the new and improved version of its predeccesor, thePhottix Mitros, a powerful and durable hot shoe flash. Phottix Mitros continues to be one of the popular choices in Phottix’ lineup of flashes because of its top-of-the-line technology and functionality.

So what’s the plus in the Mitros+? It now has a Built-in Odin Transmitter/Reciever, Built-in Strato Reciever, and added Memory Function.

The Mitros+ maintains the same features of the Mitros including built-in IR triggering, AF assist light, auto/manual zooming flash head, and fast recharge times. But what makes the Mitros+ better is that you can now use the Mitros+ on or off camera, and you can control and trigger remote flashes by radio signal. It now has a Built-in Odin Transmitter and Reciever, Built-in Strato reciever, and added Memory Function.

Built-in Odin Transmitter and Reciever allows the photographer to wirelessly trigger TTL flashes while retaining full TTL functtions, as well as remotely control and power flash and zoom settings.

The Strato functionality built-in the Mitros+ is a Strato II Multi-compatible receiver. This means existing Strato Multi transmitters can trigger the Mitros +. At the same time, the Mitros+ an also trigger Strato II Multi and Strato I Recievers as well as Atlas II Transceiver in Rx Mode when used as an Odin TCU.

The new Built-in Memory Function lets you save up to three sets of flash and function information. Perfect for when you use the Mitros+ in different modes or situations and you need to quickly recall saved set-ups for fast use.

The Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash for Canon will be available in October 2013. A Nikon-compatible version is scheduled to be released by the end of the year.