PLDT reinvents the landline – ushers in future with TelPad

In this day and age, many have questioned the relevance of the humble landline in this day and age where almost everyone has a mobile phone and the fastest way to communicate is by text and IM. PLDT has seen fit to revitalize the concept of the landline by giving it a shot of some good ole fashioned technology.

Unveiled last Monday, Dec 13 at the SMX Convention Center at the SM MOA, the PLDT TelPad combines the functionality of a landline with a twist. The TelPad marries the traditional landline with an Android based tablet that acts as a digital hub, if you will, with a dialer and several other multimedia functionality built on top of the custom UI. The 7-inch tablet is docked with a handset for calls, and it’s detachable from the dock if you feel like using it around the house.

The best part is, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to own. The PLDT TelPad will come free with a subscription of Php 1849 per month – that includes the landline and a 1 Mbps connection. Existing MyDSL subscribers will need to pay Php 500 on top of their current bill to enjoy the TelPad. Unfortunately we were unable to handle the TelPad long enough to gauge specs and usability, but as soon as we get a demo you guys will be the first to know.


  1. pwede din ba ito makabitan ng headset if i like listen to music? may caller ID din ba ito?

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