Razer outs Orbweaver Elite Mechanical Keyboard


Razer has just added a new mechanical keyboard to it’s already burgeoning lineup, but this particular mechanical keyboard is a bit.. different. The Orbweaver is not a keyboard in the traditional sense – it’s more of a gaming-optimized mechanical keyboard, and much like a high-performance race car, it jettisons what’s not needed and enhances the important bits that allow you to trounce your opponent.

For the Orbweaver, that means putting in 20 mechanical keys that have a low actuation force of only 50 grams, alongside a thumbstick that can be used for additional movement or as a modifier for macros and such. The Orbweaver isn’t going to come cheap though – Razer has pegged the price of their newest gaming gear at $129.99 before taxes, which is around Php 5310 before taxes.