Razer releases Deathstalker Ultimate Keyboard, uses Switchblade UI to give gamers an edge

Remember Razer’s Switchblade UI that they used on their Blade gaming notebook? Well, the peripheral company has found a way to integrate it with a gaming grade keyboard, and has billed the result as the world’s smartest keyboard. Meet the Razer Deathstalker Ultimate, the company’s first Switchblade UI enabled keyboard. What makes the Deathstalker Ultimate is the Switchblade UI, which combines a small touchscreen LCD with fully customizable keys that allows gamers to fully customize the panel with 10 dynamic, adaptive tactile keys that can be used to bind commands, macros, skills and spells.

LCD panel below the keys is capable of two modes. The first setting displays critical in-game information, such as damage dealt and heals-per-second on the new Star Wars: The Old Republic Battle Logger application, or countdown timers that keep track of in-game events with the Razer Gamer Timer application. Razer has included several apps to work with the keyboard to start with, with more on the way. While Razer has pegged the price of the Deathstalker Ultimate at $249.99 (about Php 10603) in the US, there’s no local pricing or availability yet for the Philippines.