Red Lions roaring with LG Mobile


National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) defending champions San Beda Red Lions have the support of LG Mobile in tow as they face the rest of the tourney’s 90th season.

The global technology innovator presented each Red Lion with a G Pad to help with their game outside the hardcourt. Through their new tablets, they can communicate with their friends, families, and teammates; intuitively study better; and entertain themselves between scrimmages and gruelling games.

Vice President for LG Mobile Philippines Jay Won said, “We have chosen the San Beda Red Lions to represent the G Pad models we have just introduced in the Philippines. Their skills and dedication are without a doubt one of the best in today’s collegiate basketball.”

Won added that the Red Lions are the perfect embodiment of the LG G Pad Series’ quality features along with its maxim ‘This is our launch pad. Let’s take off.’ “The team’s drive for excellence perfectly encapsulates the LG G Pad’s philosophy of taking off and launching one’s self to life. We couldn’t have found a better team that shares the same ideals as LG.”

Edmundo Badolato, San Beda’s Athletics Moderator, expressed his appreciation. “Thank you, LG, for being part of our efforts to once more take off and really launch the San Beda Red Lions to championship this year. We hope that this partnership will last, and that we continue to go forward and try to reach the same goal. We believe that more than a sponsorship relationship, this is really now a partnership where we share the same vision.”

Your “Launch Pad”

G Pad 7.0

The G Pad 7.0 and G Pad 10.1 are LGs followups to the acclaimed LG G3 that was launched last July. The former’s size makes it perfectly portable and mobile, with lots of power on tap for an impressive entertainment experience. The 10.1’s larger display and 8,000mAh juice is perfect for immersive uses wherever and whenever. The two are welcome additions to LG’s tablet lineup consisting of the 2013 G Pad 8.3.

G Pad 10.1

The latest G Pads are equipped with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and true IPS HD display with a 1280×800 resolution. Encased in ergonomic bodies with rounded edges for comfortable handling, the all new LG tablets look sleek with the G Pad 7.0 available in black and white, and the G Pad 10.1 coming in with either black or red.

Won said, “Filipinos are fans of tablets and tablet usage here in the Philippines is catching up with smartphones. That is why LG wants to provide them with more options in size, looks, and affordable prices that incorporate the best of LG’s core technologies perfected after years of research and our ‘learning from you’ approach. Our latest G Pads will indeed give consumers device options for their respective lifestyles and needs.”

In line with their “simple is the new smart” philosophy, the G Pad has a revamped graphical user interface that is neat, minimalistic, and clutter-free, with graphics and patterns similar to that of their flagship G3. They also support an improved Q Pair 2.0 experience, wherein users can answer calls and send messages through their tablets via “Q Pairing” their phone to the devices. Lastly, they have the KnockCode security feature that allows power on and unlocking through a pattern of screen taps.

Smart Keyboard and Dual Window features are also included with the three tablets. The Smart Keyboard was originally featured on the LG G3 and was designed to reduce input mistakes by up to 75 percent via tracking and learning a user’s typing habits and intelligently predicting what word a user wants to type. With Dual Window, users can run two applications side by side for a better multitasking experience.

The new G Pads are now available in the market, with suggested retail prices of PHP 8,990 for LG G Pad 7.0 and PHP 16,990 for G Pad 10.1.