Samsung announces its first Tizen Smartphone


It looks like Samsung is continuing what it started with their wearables. In a bid to slowly move away from Google’s Android operating system, the world leader in smartphone sales (in terms of units moved) has just announced that it will be launching its first Tizen-powered mobile, the Samsung Z.

Until this point, Tizen has been something of a curiosity, and could only really be seen on their current-generation smart watches. This is a landmark moment in the Korean giant’s history, as it will allow them better control over the applications available to their users. On the other hand, it might be the start of a small rift that could develop between Samsung and Google, though it doesn’t seem like the Korean giant will be severing ties completely, at least for now.

Samsung has said the Z will have a 4.8-inch HD display, and carry a fingerprint sensor, ostensibly like the one present on the S5. Greater control over the OS also means better, system-optimized performance, according to the brand. We’ll have more news as it comes in, but this is might be the start of an important part of Samsung’s mobile phone history.