Samsung continues its march to market dominance with the Galaxy S4 Mini


If you’re an Android user, were sure at some point you considered the Samsung Galaxy S4. We’re also sure that many of you considered something else because the S4 is just so much phone to carry around. Samsung, in what seems like a brute-force strategy to flood the market with their admittedly awesome products has just announced the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. After a quick leak online the other week, the S4 Mini has been made official. The mid-range smartphone follows the same design philosophy as the S III and S III Mini pair: A sort of mid-range flagship that has the obvious looks, and styling as the top-tier model, with a more modest spec sheet to appeal for those who want the feel of the company’s best, but aren’t necessarily looking for the performance. The S4 Mini will be retaining the parallel styling Samsung employed with the S III and S III Mini combo.

The S4 Mini is no slouch. It’s has a curiously large 4.3-inch display, which, if you’re keeping score, is actually larger than some other flagship screens, with a very acceptable Screen Density of 240 DPI. It’ll have a 1.7GHz Dual-core processor instead of the quad-or octa-core processor of the S4. All signs also point to the S4 Mini having a lot of the S4 software, such as the camera extras, calendar and organizational apps and the like. It will apparently also be offered in LTE, 3G and dual Sim models, though there seems to be no word on price just yet. Stay posted. We’ll give you more news as it comes in!