Samsung Galaxy W now locally available

Seems like Samsung is in the mood to end the year with a slew of new Android smartphones and has followed up the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro with the Galaxy W. The Galaxy W looks like your typical mid-market Android device – 1.4 GHz single core processor, 3.7-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen, 512 MB of RAM and a slew of other features including 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Galaxy W also features a 5-megapixel camera for imaging, GPS with A-GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, micro USB 2.0, and a 1.7 GB-Internal memory which can stretch up to 16GB Memory with the use of a microSD card. Samsung claims that the Galaxy W has a robust battery that can do 12 days of standby time and 200 minutes of 3G video calling. Samsung hasn’t posted a price for this one unfortunately, but we reckon it’ll drop in the 16K-18K price range.



  1. Bought this phone 3 weeks ago. It’s one of the best higher tiered mi-range phone in the market today. It’s even faster than the Xperia Play from SE because of the higher clocked CPU and even the iPhone 4 (not the 4S version) due to the better CPU and GPU.

    Battery life is decent. It can last me two days on moderate use. My phone battery is usually only 20% drained when i get home from work.

    The screen is exactly the right size for me (4 inch screened phones tend to give my thumb a strain when using it with one hand). It’s also bright and sharp.

    The UI is also much improved from the previous TouchWiz version. It’s very smooth and fast! Hardly any lag when i browse the web with multiple tabs open while listening to mp3’s at the same time.

    I can also watch 720p HD movies in wmv, avi, XviD, or DviX format on this thing without any sluggishness at all (thank goodness, i hate converting large video files!)

    Medyo weird lang yung internal storage memory set-up nya…internal storage is quoted as 1.07 GB available to the user which i guess is the phone internal memory, and another 1.7 GB available to the user called USB storage. Hindi pala ito yung SDCard ko (nagpanic ako nung una kasi akala ko di madetect yung 16GB kong SDCard ko ng maayos. hehe).

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