Samsung launches new LED monitors and Wi-Fi-capable printers

SAM_0184The 23.6-inch Samsung LED Monitor Series 5

Samsung unveiled its newest LED monitors and Wi-Fi enabled printers designed especially to suit the needs of professionals in the creative industry, small businesses, multitaskers, and gamers.


SAM_0276The LED Monitor Series 5 can enhance low-resolution content for optimum viewing of pictures and videos.

Samsung introduced three new additions to their range of monitors: the LED Monitor Series 3, 5 and 8. The Full HD 23.6-inch LED Monitor Series 5 features Magic Upscale, which enhances the quality of a low-resolution image or video. To complement this, it also wields technology that prevents pixelation when content is enlarged.


The LED Monitor Series 3’s Picture in Picture Plus function can let you work on a presentation while playing a game. Or play two games at once. Whichever works for you. 

Meanwhile, with the Picture in Picture Plus function of the 23.6-inch LED Monitor Series 3, you can simultaneously work on something on your computer while watching a video. You can even watch television on the same screen on which you’re working as the Series 3 packs a built-in TV tuner. It features a Mobile High Definition Link that lets you stream games and videos on the monitor directly from your smartphone or tablet. To top it off, the Series 3 also has the ability to display moving images smoothly and seamlessly, thanks to it 2MS response time.SAM_0297Stream videos and play games directly from your mobile device on the LED Monitor Series 3 using the Mobile High Definition Link.

The LED Monitor Series 8, according to Samsung, was designed with photographers and graphic designers in mind. It features a WQHD display for 4x better image quality than normal HD monitors, multi-screen display capability, and a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. Most importantly, the Series 8 can be tilted at any angle, allowing you to better observe the details of your images and designs at multiple angles.

SAM_0282Tilt the screen of the LED Monitor Series 8 at any angle you wish to re-check the detail in your images.



SAM_0194The monochrome and color variations of Samsung’s Xpress printers

Samsung also introduced two new printers designed for the needs of small businesses—the Samsung Xpress and Pro Xpress printers—that are capable of printing wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. They can print up to 30 pages per minute, are capable of duplex printing, and can automatically sharpen the focus of both graphics and text by eliminating white gaps within solid characters. They utilize polymerized toners, which have smaller and more uniform particles than conventional toners, thus producing vivid colors, more defined lines and a lesser chance of fading.