Samsung launches solid state storage for the fastest performance you’ll ever experience



More than RAM, more than a 16-core processor, more than any other upgrade you can give your computer, an SSD will give you the biggest gains in speed, bar none. Traditional Hard Disk Drives and their RPMs and plates and read/write heads are so 2000s. Showing off their dominance in the realm of storage space, Samsung has just announced the availability of their new 2.5-inch SSDs aimed at mobile users everywhere. The Samsung 840 EVO drives will be available here in the Philippines at capacities of 120 and 250GB, and promise to give you the fastest read/write and boot times you will ever encounter. The drives come with a 3GB buffer that lets you quickly access and write data onto the drive, as well as Turbo Write Technology that identifies your hot, frequently-accessed data and prioritize it so you can reach it instantly. Being SSDs, these drives are resistant to high temperatures, drops and vibration and come with a three-year warranty for your piece of mind.

Installation of the device is a simple procedure that involves a few screws and a connector, allowing even casual users to breathe life into their old devices. The kit conveniently comes with the software necessary to make a complete, 1:1 copy of your existing drive onto the EVO, making for a painless, seamless transition to blazing-fast SSD speeds, and a little extra battery life to boot
. The 120GB EVO can be yours for PHP 5390, while the 250GB is available for PHP9290.

Samsung also launched their line of microSD cards from a Class 4 4GB card all the way to a Class 10 64GB model. These microSD cards come with Samsung’s famed reliability and compatibility with basically all of the current mobile hardware in the market. Class 4 cards are available in 4 and 8GB sizes for PHP315 and 370 respectively and Class 10 cards are available in 12, 32 and 64GB capacities for PHP 750, 1450 and 3450 each.