Samsung releases business minded Galaxy Y Pro

Love the Galaxy Y but feel that it would be vastly superior if it had a keyboard? Well, so did Samsung, so the Korean company went ahead and bodged a QWERTY keyboard into the Galaxy Y, which resulted in the aptly named Galaxy Y Pro. This nifty little Android smartphone is powered by the 2.3 Gingerbread, and packs a 832MHz processor to keep apps running smoothly. Samsung also saw fit to add their integrated Social Hub Premium to the mix, which gives you one-touch access to all of your emails, instant messages and social networking accounts. And although your primary input is through the keyboard, the Galaxy Y Pro still uses a 2.6-inch touchscreen LQVGA(320×240) TFT LCD, effectively giving you two input choices depending on the situation. The Galaxy Y Pro also has a couple of business apps to keep you productive, which includes a document viewer / editor when you need to fix-up a report on the move. The Galaxy Y Pro will set you back Php 9,990.



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