Samsung releases the Series 7 Chronos

With all the talk about ultrabooks, people tend to forget that regular notebooks are still in huge demand here and abroad. Samsung’s latest, the Series 7 Chronos, is the culmination of the company’s efforts to combine an insanely powerful processor and GPU to a sleek and svelte frame and we got to admit, we’re liking the result.

The Chronos isn’t the thinnest notebook out in the market today but boy, is it a looker. The bare aluminum lid catches your eye almost immediately, and you’ll definitely be surprised at how damn sexy the whole thing is. The backlit keyboard is spacious and is easy to type on, with the whole unit tipping the scales at around 2.15 kilos. The Series 7 Chronos packs a 15-inch, HD LED, 300 nit 1600 x 900 screen that the engineers at Samsung managed to stuff into a bezel that’s usually reserved for 14-inch displays. Nice innit?  Internally, the Series 7 Chronos definitely packs a punch, as number crunching is handled by an Intel Core i5 2430M chip (running @2.4GHz) paired with an AMD Radeon HD6750M 1GB GDDR5. 6GB of DDR3 and 750GB worth of storage caps off the whole package.

Possibly the only thing that’ll stop you from picking one up is the price – at around Php 59,990, it’s not cheap. Then again, the finer things in life always come with high price tags, right?



  1. When will Samsung sell the Core i7, 8gb RAM, 1tb HDD version of this laptop?  And how much kaya?

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