Samsung unveils Series 5 Ultra, first Ultrabook with ODD

It’s full speed ahead for ultrabooks this year, and Korean giant Samsung has officially outed theirs via the Series 5 Ultra. This isn’t the first time Samsung has done thin and light – the Series 9 was arguably one of the pioneers of the category even before there was an ultrabook category. So, what does the Series 5 Ultra bring to the table that we haven’t seen before? Well, for one thing, it’s size – the Series 5 Ultra gives you about 14-inches of real-estate, as opposed to Asus, Lenovo and Acer’s 13-inchers. It’s also the first ultrabook to offer an internal ODD, and is about 20.9mm thick (14-inch), with the 13-inch model clocking in at 14.9mm. Expect these babies to land in our shores by next year.

Source: The Verge, Samsung Korea


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