Seagate’s GoFlex Satellite officially here, Wi-Fi storage for Php 9,888

It took it’s sweet time, but it’s finally here. Seagate’s Wi-Fi doodlin’ external HDD GoFlex Satellite has officially landed on our shores, and it’s still as functional as when it was announced back in May. You’ll still be able to connect Wi-Fi enabled devices to it (including tablets, smartphones and regular notebooks) and it still boasts an easy-to-use web interface and a dedicated iOS app so you spend less time configurating and more time actually watching and streaming your content. The same limitations apply too, though – you won’t be able to surf the web while connected, and you’ll be springing for a premium price of Php 9,888 for the convenience. The GoFlex Satellite comes in only one capacity though (500GB), but that should be more than enough to take care of your mobile storage woes.

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