Show your evil side with PowerColor’s Devil 13 6970 videocard, tail and horns not included

Any PC gamer worth his salt knows that October signifies the start of the flood of AAA titles for the holiday season. Instead of wondering if your aged rig can handle all the sweet, sweet games coming (Battlefield 3, Batman Arkham City, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) you can, you know, make sure. And what better way to make sure that you’ll be ready for the glut of games that are rampaging your way than scoring yourself PowerColor’s Devil 13 branded 6970. With a default clock speed of 880MHz and 1375MHz memory speed means that it’s ready and able to tackle your games right out of the box. Need more performance quick? No problem – a quick flick of the OC switch cranks up the performance by 10%. If you’re the type of person that still needs more performance, you can easily and safely overclock this bad boy via voltage measurement points to monitor the GPU voltage by using multimeters. There’s no word on how much this bad boy will be and when it’ll be available, but you can be sure the answers for both will be “expensive” and “soon”.