Smart brings you the Windows Phone 8x by HTC at Unlidata Plan 2000


HTC and Smart give users more choices in the smartphone market. The Windows Phone 8x by HTC, the one phone chosen by Windows to carry the Windows Phone 8 name is now available on Smart Unlimited Data plan 2000. The 8x was designed from the ground up exclusively for the Windows Phone 8 operating system. It offers seamless integration with Windows services such as Sky Drive, the Office suite, Microsoft Live user IDs and Xbox live. This phone is smart, even by smartphone standards. On top of the usual connectivity options and apps, the 8x has “Attentive Phone” settings. It knows when it’s in a pocket or purse and increases the volume appropriately. If you pick the phone up off the desk as it rings, it’ll lower the ringer volume, or if you flip the phone over, it’ll switch the ringer off altogether.

Smart offers the 8x in California Blue or Graphite Black with their Unlimited Data plan for PHP 2000 a month (or off-contract for PHP 26,490). Along with unlimited data, subscribers get 200 free text messages and 150 minutes of free local calls. Head over to the nearest Smart  Store and get yours now!