Smart plans to launch Rocket WiFi Plus, spreads HSPA+ love around

Love Smart’s Rocket HSPA+ USB stick but want to spread the high-speed love around? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to do that soon. Smart has announced that it’ll be releasing the Rocket WiFi Plus soon. allowing users to share their speedy connections to different devices like smartphones and tablets. The new entry into Smart’s HSPA+ capable line promises even faster speeds than the initial Rocket USB stick – according to Smart Broadband Internet and Data Services Head Gio Bacareza,“If you thought the 12Mbps Rocket Plug-It was already ahead of its time, the Rocket WiFi Plus will blast you off even farther into the future. The Rocket WiFi Plus can reach a ‘conservative’ 20Mbps on our 42Mbps network.”

Smart has started to take pre-orders for the Rocket WiFi Plus, with units retailing for P6,495 a pop which comes with 180MB preload. The Rocket WiFi is available exclusively in prepaid and uses the same P200/180 MB pricing scheme as that of the Rocket Plug It. If you want to preorder yours, you can go to


  1. Would be nice except that the 4g system here is still quite expensive and the simple fact most people are still used to unlimited browsing.

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