Sony details Xperia mobile accessories, throws in discounts for Xperia buyers


Aside from selling Android-powered Xperia smartphones, Sony has also been pretty active in the mobile accessory space. We sat down with Mr. Patrick Larraga, Head of Mobile Business for Sony Philippines and other Sony execs earlier today to talk about a few of their mobile Xperia accessories, namely the Sony SmartTags, SmartWatch and the Smart Wireless Headset Pro. 

The Sony SmartWatch isn’t particularly new, but it’s still a pretty cool gadget to have nonetheless. It’s basically a small display that you pair with your Android device that allows you to monitor and control your device. You can remotely check your email, SMS messages, missed calls and even use the watch as a remote viewfinder for your Android device if you’re into that kind of thing.

The Sony Smart Wireless Headset Pro does exactly what it says – it links with your smartphone and allows you to listen to the music on your smartphone wirelessly. Don’t want to link it to your Android device? No problem – it’ll work as a stand-alone music player without any issues. You can also read text messages on the small LCD display, and gives you access to the people in your call list without taking out your phone.

The Sony SmartTags are simple NFC tags that can be customized depending on your needs. For example, you can set one up in your car to turn on your data, GPS and Google Maps when you tap on it with your NFC enabled smartphone. You can set another one up in your office so that you can just tap on it so your phone will go on silent/loud and connect to your corporate WiFi connection. These are just simple examples – we’re sure a lot of users will be able to figure out other uses for it.

Sony will be giving Xperia smartphone buyers Php 500 off for the Smart Wireless Headset Pro and the SmartWatch, provided that they buy a qulified Xperia smartphone, which includes the Xperia ion, Xperia P, Xperia sola, Xperia U and Xperia J. The Smart Wireless Headset Pro and the SmartWatch retails for Php 5,990, while the SmartTags  will retail for Php 790 for a pack of 4.