Sony launches the SRS-BTS50 portable wireless speaker, two Walkman headphones


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Available in black, pink, white and blue, the SRS-BTS50 is designed with a combination of mesh fabric and rubber. It is also splash-proof, which makes it okay to bring along to the beach or by the poolside. The SRS-BTS50 pairs with your phone via NFC, establishing a Bluetooth connection. It even allows you to make handsfree calls when connected to your phone as it features an integrated microphone.

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It is equipped with a G-force sensor that detects the position of the speaker to determine the proper sound setting it should use. In its normal position where the speakers are facing the user, it uses stereo sound, but when facing upward, the speakers automatically produce a surround sound effect.

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According to Sony, it can run for as long as 10 hours of continuous music playback. The SRS-BTS50 also comes with a hook that lets you attach it to your belt, your bike or anywhere else so that it’s convenient to bring around.


  • Diameter of speaker unit: 39mm x 2
  • Max. effective output: 5W (2.5W + 2.5W)
  • Number of input terminals: 2

The SRS-BTS50 will be available this month for PHP 6,999.

Sony also introduces the Walkman WH Series: the NWZ-WH505 and the NWZ-WH303. Both devices can be used as either headphones or loudspeakers/music players.

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The WH505 features the bigger storage capacity among the two with 16GB of space for you to store your favorite music. It comes in two colors—silver and black—and comes with a headband that is padded on the underside and lined with leatherlike material. Its earcups have a glossy surface on one side, and thick, cushy pads on the other. The swivel-hinge earcups have track controls, volume controls, a microUSB port, a port for the 3.5mm cable which you plug in when you want to use the device as headphones. Just above each earcup is a speaker from which the music stored in the device plays when in loudspeaker mode. A switch that triggers either headphones or loudspeaker mode is found on the edge of one of the earcups.

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It uses a 40mm driver unit (dome type), has a frequency response of 5-25,000Hz, and claims approximately 20 hours of battery life. It supports a variety of formats, including MP3, WMA and AAC-LC. The WH505 retails for PHP 9,999.

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The WH303, on the other hand, features 4GB of storage, a 30mm dome-type driver unit, a frequency response of 30-20,000Hz. It has the same features and nearly the same appearance as the WH505, but instead of a glossy surface, the earcups of the WH303 have a matte texture. The WH303 comes in three colors: black, white and red. It costs PHP 5,999.

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