Sony unveils their 4K LED TVs in 55 and 65 inches. Your TV isn’t nearly nice enough anymore.



Movies are something special. In the 90 or some odd minutes you are in your seat, nothing else around you matters. Sony has long aimed to take this experience and fit it into the living room, but they have never come as close as now. With the latest 4K LED TVs from the Japanese giant, they are able to bring to the discerning video enthusiast over 8 million pixels of absolute viewing beauty. The KD-X9004A lineup comes in massive 55- and 65-inch variants that take the movie experience, give it a boost, and fit it into your own home.

The displays, with their mind-blowing 4k resolution give you four times the pixels found on current full-HD displays. This results in unparalleled sharpness, particularly for the size, and pixels that can’t be seen even when you are up close. This, coupled with Sony’s Triluminos display results in vivid colors, sharp images and crisp edges that take you right into the action, without having to shell out for plane fare. Sony’s advanced 4K X-reality PRO engine takes care of reducing visual noise and corrects image shapes, it also does an extremely fine job of upscaling regular 2K HD and bringing it into 4K territory by analyzing the waveform of the image and filling in the gaps intelligently. When placed beside regular 2K HD, the differences are clear.

Sony has also included their proprietary Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology that created sound pressure waves with more clarity and power than conventional speakers.

TVs such as those in the X9004A lineup are meant to be the centerpiece if your home entertainment system. Sony has not forgotten this, and have created this line with the “Sense of Quartz” design ethos. This combines metal and glass with the quartz edge of the TV, and sharp, smart angles to create a distinctive silhouette that stands out in, and elevates the space around it.

Want one for yourself? We don’t blame you. head over to the nearest Sony Centre or authorized dealer or log on to for more info, and to experience the future of TV firsthand.