Star Wars: Old Republic branded mouse, keyboard and headphones – you may or may not make the Kessel run in twelve parsecs

So there’s this little game coming out later this year called Star Wars: Old Republic – which is basically like World of Warcraft but set in a galaxy far, far away. From what we’ve seen in gameplay videos and it’s awesome cinematic intro, it’s going to be massively epic and will probably give WoW a run for its money. But this post isn’t about the game – it’s about the cool swag that Razer, the guys who bring products that help gamers win games, is releasing alongside the game. The Star Wars: The Old Republic product line includes branded hardware that’s made for the gamer who wants to control the universe. The line includes the Star Wars:  The Old Republic Gaming Keyboard,  Gaming Mouse, Gaming Headset and Gaming Mousemat. All the products in the line will feature interchangeable faction emblems so you can express your loyalty to the Old Republic or watch the galaxy burn with the Sith. Since these products are made by Razer, you can expect maximum comfort and customizability, including multiple macro settings.

The keyboard needs to be singled out however, because of its unique features. It features a full-color multi-touch LCD panel with a row of adaptive tactile keys above that can cycle through skills, hotkeys and macros with matching graphics from the game for maximum competitive efficiency. These adaptive tactile keys were introduced as an unprecedented new concept technology by Razer at CES 2011 and are now available to gamers worldwide for the first time through this keyboard. We’ve embedded a teaser video below so you can see for yourself what this keyboard can do.

You can check out the entire product line in the gallery below.

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