Suunto launches the Ambit2 and Ambit2 S


Time is everything. Nobody knows this more than athletes, whose victories are factored in fractions of seconds. Today’s athletic disciplines, however, require more than just precise timekeeping. Suunto knows this and provides multisport enthusiasts with the Ambit2,and Ambit2 S: comprehensive devices that not only function as fully-functional timepieces, but also work with you to get the most out of each training session or race.

The Ambit2 S offers features such as swapping  through different functions relevant to different sports on the fly, you you can see important information while you are on the move. You can even program the watch to go through a set routine, and will switch to the appropriate settings based on your training regimen, so you can focus on your run, bike or swim.

The device logs your swim data, including distance, duration, pace stroke count and rate and efficiency. It also recognizes your swimming style, which can prove invaluable in analyzing your swim afterwards using Movescount.

Cyclists can also measure their biking power, letting you know your power output, and allowing you to pace yourself and save energy during long races. The Ambit2 S is compatible with ANT+ power PODs available from other vendors..

The watch also comes with GPS capability based on SiRFstarIV technology, and comes with an extremely sensitive receiver, allowing the Ambit2 S to more quickly latch on to a GPS signal and keep it as you move, plus a compass, so you can figure out your general heading with a quick glance.


Apart from all the Ambit2 S features, the Ambit2, geared towards adventure enthusiasts, also offers the unique FusedAlti altitude measurement that combines a GPS and Barometric reading to give unparalleled accuracy, at the cost of a very slight increase in weight

Both watches allow for advanced heart rate functions, and a chance to crunch all the data you gather through all the different features, as well as the installation of over 1000 apps, such as a storm alarm, Oxygen level indicator, sprint counter and others.

The Ambit2 S comes in Graphite, Red and Lime, while the Ambit2 comes in Black, Silver and Sapphire.


The Suunto Ambit2 and Ambit2 S are exclusively distributed by Time Depot starting at PHP25,000 for the Ambit2 S.