Take a look at these Eyez

If you’re looking for a different way of capturing your memories, you might want to take a look at these Eyez.

Embedded into a pair of stylish frames, this new product form ZionEyez is capable of recording HD at 720p @30fps onto its internal 8GB flash memory, which can later be transferred onto a computer via microUSB, Bluetooth or straight into your smartphone through Wi-Fi. Live streaming to your favorite social networking site also possible, which should find favor with a lot of consumers.

Its wide-angled fixed focus lens rests on the frame’s right hand side, and is barely visible. It also features a discreet microphone which is mounted on the glasses’ arm and records audio at 128kb/s. Battery life is estimated at approximately 3 hours.

Moreover, the glass is interchangeable and users will have a choice between clear or shaded tones. Eyez can be fitted with prescription lenses as well, which caters to virtually every optic need.

How does this open up new ways of recording your memories? Well, now you can actually enjoy the moment while you record it, and everything is captured from a more authentic perspective – your perspective. You no longer have to view live action through a screen as you record, and having your hands free allows you unprecedented freedom.

Obviously, Eyez creative applications shall be left to your fancy, but this product definitely opens up a wealth of imaginative possibilities.


Source: Zion Eyez via Gizmag