The LG G3 has arrived

G3 Metallic Black

The much-anticipated successor to LG’s current flagship has been unveiled. The aptly-named G3 takes the G2 and gives it a substantial upgrade.

“The smartest innovation in a fast evolving smartphone market is creating harmony between advanced technology and a simplified user experience,” said Sung Woo Nam, LG Electronics Philippines managing director. “LG G3 is the result of our effort to actualize that idea into a tangible product—LG’s most advanced technology combined with a simplified user experience designed to make smartphone usage simpler, yet smarter.”

With a pixel density of 538ppi, the G3’s Quad HD display sets new viewing standards, producing images that are sharper and clearer than traditional smartphone displays. The screen takes up an impressive 76.4% of the G3’s face,for a huge 5.5-inch screen in a body that’s not much larger. This is paired with a removable 3,000 mAh battery that is able to give all-day performance even under the most demanding conditions.

The G3 also packs a sharp 13-MO OIS+camera capable of delivering stunning, shake-free visuals, making sure you never miss a moment.

Mr. Nam said, “LG also simplified the actual process of taking photos. Rather than having to focus on the subject in preview mode and then pressing the shutter button, with the G3, tapping the subject to focus will simultaneously also trigger the shutter. What’s more, the G3’s 2.1MP front camera incorporates several new enhancements such as a larger image sensor and larger aperture for more light throughput and better-looking selfies.”

G3 will be offered in five vibrant colors: Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Moon Violet and Burgundy Red.

“To complement the new external design, LG adopted a minimalistic user interface design with flat graphics. The circular motif of the graphic assets in the new UI was derived from the shape and concept of LG’s logo, reflecting its unique visual style and identity,” said Nam.

The LG G3 will also be available in either 16 or 32GB versions, and will be expandable with up to a 128GB microSD card. It will have 3GB of RAM and run a 2.5GHz Quad-core Krait Processor.