The New Nexus 7 is starting to appear online



After months of waiting, and an announcement that never happened, the New Nexus 7 is starting to appear. Though little more than whispers in the wind at this point, the New Nexus 7 looks like it is keeping the same 7-inch screen, and one camera each front and back.

The other specs of the device are up in the air though, as there hasn’t been any official word from Google about it, as they have chosen to keep mum about it until possibly the 24th. Photos from show an Asus device with the Nexus brand on the back. There is also a mention of dual speakers, which is one up over the previous iteration of the device, and as a bonus, the spec sheet sticker that reveals the cameras to be 1.2- and 5-megapixels respectively.

The device also seems to be packing 4GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. We have no idea how they got their hands on the photos, but man, great job, guys! We’re now really REALLY excited to get our hands on it.


(Photo taken from the androidcentral website.)