The Nokia Lumia 720: An unboxing



One of the more hotly-anticipated devices from Nokia this year is, without a doubt, the Lumia 720. This mid-size contender is a solid offering from the Finnish phone manufacturer, and was announced at the MWC to go for 248 Euros or PHP 14,000. It’s hard not to want it.

The device follows the same slide-out design that the rest of the Lumia line comes with. It’s a pretty simple affair, and is smallish, reflecting the more compact size of the phone. Inside is a sim tray pin, manual, standard wall charger and micro USB cable, as well as a pair of plain old headphones wired with a mic–all standard stuff, really, but of course, the real star of the show is the Lumia 720 itself.


My first impression of the device was just how light it was. Compared to the Lumia 920 that I had reviewed prior, this this was a featherweight. Despite the lack of heft, it felt really solid, thanks in part to the lovely polycarbonate back, curved Gorilla Glass 2 screen and seamless construction. It is a phone the Lumia 920 would be honored to call its little brother, and feels great in the hand, without feeling like something with which you could bludgeon a man to death.


The sim tray is up top, and is cut for a the micro-sized card, there is a microUSB port at the bottom, volume rocker, power button and camera button on the right edge, and as a bonus, a Micro SD card slot on the left edge.  Great news for those who want more storage than the smallish 8GB the device has internally. The back has the main 6.1-MP camera and the speaker grille at the bottom.

The pin hole for the MicroSD card
The pin hole for the MicroSD card

The screen is very nice, sharp and with true, vivid colors, and deep backs. It’s 4.3 inches on the diagonal, and is very responsive to even light touches. The system is quite fast, and behaves about the same as its bigger brother, the 920.


We’ve started putting the device through the ringer, so we’ll have a full review in Gadgets this coming May. Stay posted for a few more updates on the device as we spend more time with it.