The Transparent Smartphone. It’ll be here soon.

Tech has always promised us bigger and better things, but to be honest, smartphones have hit something of a plateau for me. We do get bigger and faster processors, sharper screens and all that usual stuff, but we haven’t really had a massive change for a long time now. Taiwanese company Polytron Technologies is set to change the scene in a big way very very soon with a revolutionary concept: The transparent smartphone. It’s as awesome as you think it is. The secret behind the device is a spacial king of OLED display that switches from clear to opaque as current is passed through it. The current incarnation od the phone isn’t completely clear, as some of the internal components are still the same as we see them now, but the company has plans to make it look even better by its promised launch date of late 2013. The current device also has no OS (it’s very deeply in development at the moment) but it’s good enough to see the potential of the thing. It’s going to be all sorts of awesome, and is another awesome case of Hollywood making things awesome for everyone. If you want to know more, head over to this link HERE (via the verge).