Turn your netbook into a mini arcade with Nanocade

Have a netbook lying around that you’d like to turn into pure awesome? Well head on over to Project Mame’s site and have a looksee at what intrepid cabinet designer Rasmus Sorensen has done with a few bits of acrylic sheet and a whole lot of ingenuity. Aptly named the Nanocade, it’s a small, tabletop arcade built with acrylic and a 10-inch netbook. Rasmus details the build with exquisite detail that it’s possible to replicate what he’s done provided you have enough skill with Acrylic, tools and don’t mind sacrificing a netbook. If you’re not skilled enough to build it from scratch, he’ll be producing the kits shortly with the projected SRP being around $300 (hopefully).  More pictures of the finished product are in the gallery below.

[album: http://gadgetsmagazine.com.ph/wp-content/plugins/dm-albums/dm-albums.php?currdir=/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/calbur20@gmail.com/Nanocade/]