Unboxing: WD TV Live Hub

With so much content available online, it only makes sense to have a device to store and stream it off of. Western Digital has their own suite of solutions. The subject of today’s unboxing is their WD TV Live Hub, a 1 TB storage solution that promises to streamline the way you consume your content.

The WD TV Live Hub is basically a 1 TB HDD with an assortment of audio and video outputs that allows it to connect to both your HDTV and your home network. It supports a myriad of video files including hi definition MKV files. The unit itself looks simple enough and will easily blend in with your other home theater appliances.

The back holds a myriad of outputs and connections, including HDMI, component, composite and S/PDIF  out. An Ethernet port allows it to connect to your home network, while a USB port on the front and on the back allows you to watch content on USB thumb drives, and will also accept optional Wireless USB adapters for wireless networking.

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