Upgrade your “throne” with the Toilet 2.0


If there’s one gadget I consider the most revolutionary gadget of all time (and no, it’s not the phone or even the computer), it is, hands down, the toilet. I could readily give up any other technology, live an almost post-apocalyptic existence or go back in time as a hunter-gatherer or shepherdess, so long as I had an awesome bathroom with a fully-functional toilet.

And now, this throne might just get a design upgrade. David Hakkens introduces the Toilet 2.0 – a cleaner, tougher, and “greener” way to excuse oneself. The Toilet 2.0 is uses Corian instead of porcelain so that it’s lighter, thinner, and stronger. The wide, shallow shape of the bowl prevents water (and any unpleasant waste) from splashing in or out. It also comes with a built-in freshener that’s easily refillable as well as eight spraying points for high-pressure cleaning. By using the high-pressure cleaning system and reusing gray water from other water supplies like sinks to flush the lines (but not the bowl), it conserves the use of clean water.

It’s still a work in progress. But definitely, this is something fit for Mother Nature herself.


Source: Gizmodo