Western Digital releases 2TB My Passport external hard drives

Western Digital has released a 2TB (2-terabyte) version of its My Passport external hard drives. Although the company already has the MyBook storage solutions that offer more storage space, they’re significantly larger and harder to carry around, while the 2TB Passport measures only 111 x 82 x 21mm in size and weighs only half a pound. To make it even better than previous models, it’s equipped with USB 3.0 for much faster connections and data transfer while sporting a new external design that’s more resistant to scratches.

Like the previous Passport hard drives, the 2TB version also comes with WD SmartWare auto backup software, password protection, and a polycarbonate WD Nomad travel case that further protects it from bumps. The 2TB My Passport mini drive is priced at a suggested retail price of US $249.99 (approximately Php 10,500), which is not a bad deal considering how we need more storage space now than ever before with today’s software and large file sizes, plus it’s always vital to have a backup of your work at all times.



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