15 minute Bioshock Infinite video makes us want the game right now

We’re massive fans of the Original Bioshock, a game that automatically became one of our all time favorites because of its unique setting, story and gameplay elements. So it’s not surprising that we’re pretty stoked for Bioshock Infinite. Though not a direct sequel, the game has the same design and gameplay elements as the previous one. Also, it takes place in a floating city in 1912. If that’s not enough to pique your interest in this game, the awesome, gameplay demonstration from E3 might. On display in the demo are zeppelins, floating cities, freaking awesome zip rides along rails and a massive bird/boss that would make any big daddy wet his already soaking pants. We’ve embedded a presentation of Gametrailers TV below, but if you want a more actiony and less talky version, you can hit up the official Bioshock Infinite page here.