A Real-life Laser pistol, in the body of a NES Zapper. You want one.

Those of you who are old enough must remember the good old days of Duck Hunt on the NES. After missing a duck in that game, I’m sure more than a few of us wanted to burn the smug smile off that annoying dog. Now, a few decades later, we can do just that. A few guys from the North Street Labs got together, gutted an NES Zapper, and installed their own 445nm diode, and hey presto. Eye-melting, match-lighting, arson-inviting burning laser.

Of cours, a lot of work had to go into the whole project. They had access to machinery to create their own totally necessary, beautifully large and elegant heat sink, so don’t smash up your classic Zapper just yet. Still, if you would like to learn how they made it, head over to http://www.northstreetlabs.org/Zapper.html to get an idea, and watch a video of it in action. If you go ahead and make one, send us a message so we can add you to our friends list.


(photo via www.northstreetlabs.org)