Bento concept device is like Voltron for your PC/tablet/smartphone

Here’s a unique thought: what if you could merge your tablet, smartphone and notebook into one device and use the result as a notebook, yet still have a way to undock them whenever you want? That’s the whole design concept for the Bento. Created by René Woo-Ram Lee, it’s a conceptual modular system wherein you can tailor the look and performance of the notebook by the modular devices you dock into it. The system consists of a laptop with a 15-inch OLED screen, 11-inch tablet, 4-inch smartphone, solar powered lithium-ion battery and a 1TB SSD drive.

The idea is that the dock itself is a blank slate, which is powered by the different modules. You can then upgrade the modules depending on the available technology and upgrade the performance of the dock without replacing the whole thing. The multiple touchscreens on the device acts as input devices, with the tablet pulling duty as the keyboard and the smartphone as the trackpad, with the functions changing depending on the program. Hit the link below to see more of the concept.

Source: Yanko Design