Can’t wait for Google Glass? Why not build your own?

Google’s revolutionary wearable computer, codenamed Project Glass is one of the most anticipated tech products to emerge from El Goog’s research labs. Unfortunately, it won’t be here for a while (projected completion of the device is around 2014) and even if it arrives, it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. If you want your augmented reality glasses now (and cheap!) you can always build your own.

That’s exactly what Rod Furlan did. Of course, his own attempt at the wearable computer doesn’t have the same polish as Google’s offering, but that doesn’t mean it’s less functional. How exactly did he build his own version of Google Glass? Well, Rob  managed to get his hands on a Myvu Crystal  personal head-mounted video display for iOS devices, paired with a Jailbroken, fourth generation iPod Touch. He then coded rudimentary software for the device and voila! He got his very own version of Google Glass. His version cost around $250, a bit pricey but still well below the price of Google’s offering. Hit up the source link below to get the nitty gritty of how he did it.

Source: Spectrum Ieee