Cinemagraphs: Pictures that [literally] move

A colleague of mine recently asked me to look at his desktop picture once. But he didn’t want me to just look at it (as I figured it was probably just another hot picture of Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl), he asked me to stare at it for awhile. And then, it moved. And I thought that was the coolest thing and strangest thing ever.

Now they say that a picture can be worth a thousand words. But if the picture “moved,” perhaps it’s safe to say that that picture can be worth millions. NYC-based innovators Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg might have realized this themselves as they turn their fashion photography into what they’ve dubbed as “cinemagraphs.”

Working with high-fashion names such as Tiffany’s and Christian Louboutin, Jamie and Kevin have created a whole new style of art for digital ads. By creating sensations in movement and subtlety, they are able to achieve and elicit a somewhat measure of awe and surprise that goes beyond the viewer’s first look.

Source: Tumblr