Coloud catches World Cup Fever


Coloud Headphones Football Edition

Just in time for the World Cup, Coloud has just released the Football Edition of their great-sounding Boom model headphones.

The Boom headphones will be available in colorways that are representative of some of the most football-crazed nations in the world. Up for grabs are Argentina’s blue and white, Mexico’s green, white, and red, Holland’s orange, Germany’s black, yellow, and red, Brazil’s green and yellow, and England’s white and red.

The Boom is a tough set of cans designed to clearly and powerfully deliver your daily dose of music. Outside noise stays out thanks to the Boom’s closed construction, and its minimal parts mean less weight on your head. The Boom’s sturdy frame is crafted to withstand the pressures of everyday listening and the Zound Lasso, together with the flat cable, protects against tangles during transport.

The Boom Football Edition headphones are available for P1,495 at Astrovision Mall of Asia, Astrovision Festival Mall, AstrovisionGlorietta 2, Astrovision Greenbelt 5, AstroplusSM Aura, Mobile 1 Rockwell, Beyond the BoxRockwell, Beyond the BoxCentris, Beyond the BoxErmita, Beyond the BoxGalleria, Beyond the BoxResorts World, Beyond the BoxVmall, Digital WalkerAlabang, Digital WalkerEaswood, Digital WalkerShangrila, Digital WalkerMagnolia, Digital Walker Mall of Asia, Digital Walker Trinoma, Digital WalkerVmall, Digital Walker Greenbelt 5, Digital HubMarket Market, Digital HubRobinson Pioneer, Digital HubTheatre Mall.