Counter Strike unofficially ported to Android (VIDEO)

We have fond memories of Counter Strike – the hit multiplayer FPS that filled cyber cafes back in the day. Now you can play the iconic FPS on your Android equipped device, thanks to the enterprising work of the members of XDA Developers. The game is being rebuilt from the ground up using the Unity3D platform, and will feature cross-platform play with the Facebook and Kongregate versions of the game. Apparently there will be 2 versions of the game – a series 5o version for Android 2.0+ owners and a 6p version for Android 2.3+. The game will reportedly have all the modes maps and features of the original, as well as support for mods. The game is still a bit buggy, but if you’re looking for a way to pwn your friends on the go, then this could be your ticket. Download links have been provided below.

Series 5o 


Source: Phandroid, XDA Developers


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