Doom 3 ported for ‘droid, allows you to scream like a girl anywhere

Id software’s Doom 3 is one of those games that every self-respecting FPS player will have played at some point in their life. When it came out, it was reason enough for many people to upgrade their machines just to get in on the experience. Now, a rogue developer has taken it upon himself to create a port of the critically-acclaimed game for the Android operating system, and it now (sort of) runs on his HTC Desire HD. It’s still an early early aplha, so there are a lot of things missing, like, movement, enemies and, well, gameplay, but the project shows serious potential, and at the rate he is going, you should be able to get the game running on your device before Doom 4 hits the shelves. Watch a quick video of the game running on’droid HERE.