Father of the Year: Dad supercharges his kid’s Lightning McQueen toy car with 0.66-hp, 500-watt electric motor


For most people, a kid wearing out a Lightning McQueen toy car usually means two things – throw it away and hope their kid gets pre-occupied with a new toy, or buy a new one exactly like it. Well, FFTEC tuning shop owner Sean Burgess wasn’t going to have any of that, so instead, he did what came naturally to him – pimp his son’s ride. He reworked his son’s toy car with a new aluminum subframe, and replaced all the worn plastic tires with rubber all terrain tires, which went on disc brake calipers with sealed ball bearings. The then put a 0.66-hp, 500-watt electric motor inside the toy car and results are impressive, to say the least. Don’t believe us? Then check out his kid zipping around an dirt oval track ripping it up. Our inner child is officially jealous.

Source: YouTube