Flashlight accepts any battery you have


It’s happened before to all of us: your device needs an AA battery or two (or six), but you’ve only got AAA batteries lying around, and you don’t want to shell out money for more batteries. Well, you won’t need to worry about that anymore, at least with flashlights: Panasonic has developed a flashlight that will accept any battery that you have in your home.

Whether you have AAA, AA, C or D batteries, the Panasonic Any Battery Light will take them. Although the light from an AAA battery obviously won’t outshine the light from a D battery, it will give you enough light to get around just in case you have a brownout and need to find your way around. One of the catches? You can’t use all of the batteries at the same time, but the Any Battery Light has separate switches for whatever battery you’re using.

The Any Battery Light only costs $24, and with all battery slots filled, it can last for up to 86 hours. Japan has been creating products like this for their local market in light of the earthquake and tsunami that occurred in 2011. There’s no word on whether it’s going to be released in any other markets around the world, but the Any Battery Light sounds like an ideal companion for the emergency kit you (should) have in your home.