Going Green: Turn magazines into walls.

Back then, old magazines and back issues made great recycled materials for collages and other geeky art stuff. But now, better ways to reuse, reduce, and recycle them are becoming more and more pertinent as more people become environmentally-conscious due to the adverse effects on the ecological footprint.

Extreme Office Makeover from Oktavilla on Vimeo.

Despite the urgency to find better solutions to go green, this does not mean we can’t think of fun and quirky ideas. And one such idea is from Elding Oscarson, who took stacks of recycled magazines and turned them into office walls of graphic design agency, Oktavilla in Stockholm. The magazines looked like glossy, thick bricks that were just absolutely colorful and awe-inspiring.

So I suggest you keep your copies of GADGETS MAGAZINE. Because who knows? You may have the urge to turn your wall into a work of functional art.


Source: Curbly