Google Nexus 4 torn down, would-be tinkerers will face hard to remove battery and a display that’s fused to the frame


Aside from the Nexus 10, another Nexus product has been torn down by people not afraid of voiding their warranty. Yes folks, Google’s Nexus 4 has been torn down by professional gadget splayers iFixit. The professional technicians at the site has found that the Nexus 4 is basically held together by 15 screws which aren’t proprietary (not by a long shot) and are all easily removed using common tools. The site has also found that the internals of the Nexus 4 are extremely easy to replace…except for the battery. The iFixit crew has found that separating the battery from the device was easier said than done because the 2100mAh battery was glued to the case. They also discovered that the display is fused to the protective glass and frame, which makes replacing broken displays a literal pain in the butt. iFixit’s advice? Simple. “Don’t crack the glass unless you’re good with a heat gun, or you’re fond of replacing the glass, display, and frame together.”

Source: iFixit