Hate blurred photos? There’s an app for that – free program that takes care of your blurred photos fast

Everyone hates blurred photos. Unfortunately, it’s one of the things that most would-be photographers will need to expect – there will definitely be days when the shot you thought was perfect actually came out a blurred mess. Well, Vladimir Yuzhikov would have none of that, and designed a new program that’ll somewhat fix your blurred photos to a certain degree. The program is called SmartDeblur, and it’s a no-nonsense app that’s free to download. Using it is pretty straightforward – you load your blurry photo in the program, use the sliders in it to monkey around the image to find the best result. While the program isn’t perfect (it can only work with whatever is present in the image itself) it’s still a useful tool for would be photographers who just can’t stand blurry photos. You can download the program at the source link below, for free.

Source: SmartDeblur