Have you ever wanted to read a novel, with only 90 minutes to do it? Read this.


Literacy has done lots to further the growth of human civilization. Because of the written language, we can keep, share and express thoughts that would otherwise be stuck in our own consciousness. The trouble here is that it can be a little on the slow side. The average reading speed with the necessary comprehension is a shade over 200 words per minute.

One extremely innovative company is hoping to change that. Spritz, a company that has been working quietly in the background for a few years, has taken a look at how we read, and hacked reading. Using the point in a word at which the brain snaps to recognition, they have created a method that allows you read, and more importantly, comprehend the words.

This approach is the closest we’ve come to having a Matrix-style upload of information into your brain, and if you head over to their link, you can give it a try for yourself. It’s really quite amazing. Hit the link HERE, then click on the button at the top right that says “Click to Spritz,” then hit play. You can change the rate, and really feel the information pour in.

This has some pretty far-reaching applications that we can’t even begin to fathom, not the least of which is cramming. This changes everything.

Edit: Krystina Puelo from Spritz reached out to us to make a quick clarification. Spritz isn’t really an app, but rather “text streaming technology that can be integrated into mobile devices, wearables, apps, websites, (and the like).”

So it’s not quite an app, but we can live with that, as long as we get the same awesome experience they let us experience on their website. I’m so ready to learn Kung-Fu.

Thanks Krystina!