Here’s a simple DIY project to help you stay cool this summer.

Summer is very fast approaching. It may be a little early this year, and short of suggesting staying home all day with your tech, there is, sadly, very little we here at Gadgets can do for you. There is a little DIY summer project here from that you can do with your kids (or yourself) to get a quick juicy slushie you can enjoy and make your summer a little more tolerable. It’s basically a method by which you can get your favorite juice icy and delicious in a few short seconds that doesn’t need any super complicated inverter technology, fancy devices or strange technology. Its totally child safe and requires nothing more than a zip-top bag, some sugar and your favorite juice. In a nutshell, you mix some sugar into some water to the point of super saturating the liquid. The sugar keeps the water inside the bags from freezing and allows the bag to drop in temperature well below freezing, and allowing it to freeze your juice instantly. If you’re looking for a nice, fun summer activity that lets you teach a little bit of science on the side, hit the link HERE.