Honda celebrates 65 years of innovation with amazing ‘Hand History’ video


Honda marks 65 years of innovation by publishing a video that showcases the company’s most innovative products from the past 7 decades.

The short two-minute video—produced by agency Wieden + Kennedy—follows the point-of-view angle of an engineer’s hands to tell a story that is 65 years long. The hands chronologically display the evolution of Honda’s engineering through animated twists and turns, transforming from one mode of invention to the next.

Starting with awesome heritage products like the 2RC143 bike, the video leads onto current products like the 2013 Honda TT Legends Fireblade and the HB25 leafblower. A range of future creations are also on shown, such as the next-gen NSX, the much-delayed HondaJet, and the adorable ASIMO robot.

The viral Honda ‘Hands’ advert has clocked up more than 5.2 million views on YouTube in just a few days since its recent launch. It’s a captivating, semi-wordless piece that translates well no matter what region or location you’re from, and effortlessly celebrates the innovative spirit that has made Honda the largest engine manufacturer and racing company in the world since its founding in 1948.

Image and article courtesy of T3.