[INFOGRAPHIC] Just how big is Android?

If you haven’t realized it by now, let us say it again: Android is the biggest mobile OS in the planet today. But just how big is Google’s mobile OS? Well, the folks at MBAOnline sent us a handy infographic detailing just how huge the OS has become. While we’re not going to list all the things in it one by one (that’d be silly, just read the infographic) here’s some highlights: 250 million Android devices are activated every year (we’re assuming that the numbers are from 2011) and 1.3 million devices are activated every day. In comparison, only 104.7 million iPads and iPhones has been activated in 2011, while daily iOS device activations are only 515,000. Here’s another surprising tidbit from that infographic: Microsoft’s licensing deal with HTC that awards the Redmond company $5 for every Android device sold by the Taiwanese company has actually made them more money than their Windows Phone OS. Hilarious ain’t it?


Source: MBA Online


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